Fasterfox - Changelog

Fasterfox 1.0.1 - 12/8/05

  • Now checks robots.txt before prefetching.
  • Options window now properly resizes for larger font themes. Special thanks to Teo for the XUL help.

Fasterfox 1.0.0 - 12/5/05

  • Added "whitelist" feature to specify sites which should never have their pages prefetched.
  • Added FastBack rendering setting.
  • Moved Fasterfox options to within the designated options in the extension manager.
  • Added link to Fasterfox Options to the page load timer context menu.
  • Page load timer and enhanced prefetching are now separate from the presets.
  • Added cs-CZ locale, special thanks to funTomas.
  • Added sk-SK locale, special thanks to Rony, SlovakSoft.
  • Now limits links prefetched per page to 100.
  • Included extra error check for poorly formatted links.
  • Enhanced prefetching is now disabled by default.
  • en-US locale updates:
    - Added whitelist.label
    - Added fastback.label
    - Added fastback.pagesInMem
    - Added fastback.desc
    - Added button.ok
    - Added button.cancel
    - Added pageload.options
    - Added pageload.neverPrefetch (for near future use)
    - Added options.title
    - Changed
    - Changed main.captionLabel
    - Changed enablePrefetching.desc1
    - Changed enablePrefetching.desc2

Fasterfox 0.8.1 - 11/10/05

  • Users of locales which are not yet supported will now see English instead of German as the default locale.

Fasterfox 0.8.0 - 11/4/05

  • Prefetching URL comparisons are no longer case sensitive. This fixes several known bugs.

Fasterfox 0.7.9 - 10/26/05

  • Added Deutsch (de-DE) localization. Special thanks to Gerald Frankl and Oliver Roth.
  • Added Castellano (es-ES) localization. Special thanks to Raul Gonzalez Duque.
  • Updated Português-Brasil (pt-BR) localization. Special thanks to Marcelo Ghelman.
  • Increased max version to 1.5.

Fasterfox 0.7.8 - 10/19/05

  • Added Português-Brasil (pt-BR) localization. Special thanks to R. Nicolás López (aka MorZilla).
  • Fixed bug which could cause user to get stuck on a preferences tab in rare cases. Special thanks to Bryan Burke for this bug fix.
  • Updated several strings in the Italian locale.
  • Tweaked row alignment in the preferences dialog.
  • Added .jpeg, .text, and .xml to the list of extensions which are safe to prefetch. Thanks to Johnny Weare for this suggestion.

Fasterfox 0.7.7 - 10/16/05

  • Added Castellano-Argentina (es-AR) localization. Special thanks to R. Nicolás López (aka MorZilla).
  • Added Français (fr-FR) localization. Special thanks to Xavier Robin.

Fasterfox 0.7.6 - 10/10/05

  • Added Japanese (ja-JP) localization. Special thanks to Norah.
  • Fixed bug which caused the disable popups checkbox not to be populated when reopening the preferences if the last tab used was the popups tab.
  • Added new strings into pl-PL locale.
  • Localized the "Close" button in the about dialog.
  • Corrected typo in HTTP connection prefs.

Fasterfox 0.7.5 - 10/9/05

  • Added Nederlands (nl-NL) localization. Special thanks to Liesbeth.
  • Licensed Fasterfox under the MPL 1.1.

Fasterfox 0.7.4 - 10/7/05

  • Added Italiano (it-IT) localization. Special thanks to Giacomo Margarito.
  • Fixed bug with pl-PL locale in Firefox 1.0.x. Note, this bug was my mistake, the locale created by Leszek(teo)Zyczkowski was good.
  • Localized extension description.

Fasterfox 0.7.3 - 10/6/05

  • Added support for Firefox 1.5 Beta 2.
  • Fixed bug which caused some Firefox 1.0.x users to get stuck on a tab after pressing the cancel button. Special thanks to Karl for this bug fix.
  • Localized Page Load Timer.
  • Added Polski (pl-PL) localization. Special thanks to Leszek(teo)Zyczkowski.

Fasterfox 0.7.2 - 10/4/05

  • Added Türkisch (tr-TR) localization. Special thanks to Erkan Kaplan.

Fasterfox 0.7.1 - 10/4/05

  • Resolved compatibility conflict with the "Forecastfox" extension.

Fasterfox 0.7.0 - 10/3/05

  • Added Fasterfox Page Load Timer to status bar.
  • Fixed bug which caused settings to not be saved in Firefox 1.0.x if the OK button was pressed on a preference pane other than Fasterfox.
  • Now automatically opens to most recently used tab in Fasterfox preferences.
  • Fixed bug which, in very rare cases, still causes logout page to be prefetched. Special thanks to Kai Risku for this fix.

Fasterfox 0.6.5 - 9/26/05

  • Fixed bug which causes preferences to sometimes not be saved properly in Firefox 1.5 Beta.

Fasterfox 0.6.4 - 9/26/05

  • Fixed bug which causes Fasterfox to log out the user from certain websites.
  • Now only prefetches static content with the extension htm, html, txt, pdf, gif, jpg, or png.
  • As another measure to stop enhanced prefetching from following "logout" links, links which contain the word "logout" or "logoff" are now ignored.
  • All UI text has been extracted into DTDs and an en-US localization has been created. Now seeking translators for additional locales.
  • Reorganized layout of cache tab.

Fasterfox 0.6.3 - 9/23/05

  • Fixed bug which caused advanced tabs to always be displayed in Firefox 1.5 Beta 1.

Fasterfox 0.6.2 - 9/23/05

  • Fixed bug which sometimes caused advanced tabs to not be displayed when the "Custom" preset is selected in Firefox 1.5 Beta 1.
  • Added option to remove submenu delay.
  • Resolved possible conflict with other extensions which overlay the Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 Preferences.

Fasterfox 0.6.1 - 9/22/05

  • Added support for Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 (Deer Park).
  • Now hides tabs for advanced options if "Custom" preset is not selected.

Fasterfox 0.5.8 - 9/21/05

  • Initial published release.